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1. Food order needs to be placed 1 day in advance & Cakes 2 days in advance

2. Free delivery above €60, Else €6

3. Disposables will be charged extra as per new regulation


€10 (4 Pieces)

Soft cottage cheese balls immersed in creamy flavored milk

Kaju Katli
€5 (200 gms)

Diamond shape sweet made with cashew nuts and sugar

€5 (250 gms)

Slow cooked carrot pudding simmered with milk and sugar

Moong Dal Halwa €5 (100 gms)

Sweet made with soaked and grinded lentils, cooked in sugar milk, clarified butter and cardamom

Gulab-Jamun €4 (4 Pieces)

Deep fried dumplings made of thickened milk and all purpose flour, soaked in flavored sugar syrup